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Filters - Fleet

You can filter fleets by:

  • Fleet Size
  • Vehicle Duty

Fleet Size

Currently our database starts with 5+ total vehicles at a company.

Type in the fleet size range you want, in the Minimum and Maximum fields. If you want to select no upper limit, leave the right field blank.

Companies in your fleet range will show in the Company Table. The total quantity of data is in Total Counts.

Our data starts at 5 total vehicles for a company across all its locations. But, some companies have locations with less than 5 vehicles. So in the exported Excel file, you may see smaller fleet numbers for individual locations.

Choose Fleet Size copy

Vehicle Duty

You can also select companies by whether they have Light, Medium and/or Heavy Duty vehicles.

The definition of Medium Duty can vary across different datasets and government agencies. For our data, we are defining the Duty as:


Class 1

Class 2

Class 3


Class 4

Class 5

Class 6


Class 7

Class 8

Often, ProsperFleet users want to focus mostly on Light and Medium Duty and not Heavy Duty. If you choose Light and Medium Duty, you will still receive companies that have Heavy Duty vehicles if they are estimated to also have Light and Medium Duty vehicles.

ProsperFleet Light Medium Heavy Duty
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