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Filters - Fleet

You can filter fleets by:

  • Fleet Size – Total number of vehicles at a company that are registered for plates at state DMVs
  • Vehicle Class – Groups vehicles based on weight ranges

Fleet Size

Currently our database starts with 5+ total vehicles at a company.

Select the fleet size range you want with the slider. If you want to select no upper limit, leave the right slider at 500+.

Companies in your fleet range will show in the Preview Table. The total quantity of data is in Total Counts.

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Our data starts at 5 total vehicles for a company across all its locations. But, some companies have locations with less than 5 vehicles. So in the exported Excel file, you may see smaller fleet numbers for individual locations.

Vehicle Class

Vehicles are in Class 1-8 based on their weight. They can also be grouped by Light, Medium and Heavy Duty.

You can choose by specific classes or duty:

Choose Vehicle Class

Often, ProsperFleet users want to focus mostly on Class 1-6 vehicles and exclude Class 7-8. If you choose this, you will still receive companies with Class 7-8 vehicles if they also have Class 1-6 vehicles. But you will not receive companies that have only Class 7-8 vehicles.

Class 1 8 Light Medium Heavy Duty
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