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Details - Company Table

The Company Table shows companies with fleets that fit your filter choices. Companies in the table will change as you go through Fleet, Geography, Industry and Contact filters and refine your choices.

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Basic information about company location, fleet size and industry is in the Company Table so you can see if your filters are choosing the right fleets and types of organizations.

The Contacts column shows the number of contacts in the ProsperFleet database. Please note, we do not include all employees at a company in the ProsperFleet database. We focus on contacts that are decision-makers or influencers about fleet and transportation, and closely related job titles such as maintenance, operations, safety, risk management, field service and public works. Learn more about Contacts in ProsperFleet.

If you want to see more information about a company, click on its row and the Company Details will show.

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Some information in the Company Details is masked until credits are used to download the company record. Once downloaded, the info will be unmasked for all users on your account for 12 months.

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