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Filters - Federal - Class/Cargo

In this section, you can filter fleets by:

  • Operation Classification
  • Cargo Carried

Operation Classification

Operation Classification is where you can make the popular selections of For Hire or Private fleets, or Government fleets.

Our database includes fleets with 5 or more power units.

Please note, currently we use the fields that the fleets use to describe their operations, when they submit their information to FMCSA. Sometimes they do choose fields that aren’t the best fit. For example, many city fleets choose State Gov’t instead of Local Gov’t.

Fleets that fit your filters will show in the Company Table. The total quantity of data is in Total Counts.

FMCSA Operation Classification

Cargo Carried

You can also select from all the FMCSA Cargo Carried fields:

FMCSA Cargo Carried
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