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Admin Settings - Your Value

Imagine if you could know the expected value or opportunity of a fleet prospect, or even an entire market segment. ProsperFleet brings this metric to your sales and marketing teams. So they can act on it.

This value can be any metric important to you: average revenue, SaaS subscription ARR (annual recurring revenue), or any other dollar value.

Your Value appears as one of the four total counts when filtering companies. When companies are downloaded, the value also appears individually for each company in the Excel file. Then, you can sort for fleets with highest value. Or import the data into HubSpot or other CRM and use the value for segmentation and targeting.

Your Value Filter Total

Customizing Your Value

If you don’t customize Your Value, you will still see a total. The default is $100 per year per vehicle, and a 5% conversion rate of deals expected to close within a year. If this sounds close to numbers you would choose, you could leave the default settings.

But if you want to use very different numbers than the default settings, then you can edit the Value to make it tailored for you.

The Value metric is multiplied by the total number of vehicles. For example in the screen shown above, 856K vehicles.

So to customize the Value, choose a per-vehicle dollar metric that is important to your business.

To edit the Value, follow these steps:

  • Click on Settings in the side menu (gear icon)
  • Click on Account Settings
  • Scroll down to “Your Value” Settings

You should see this:

Your Value Settings in Admin Settings
Step 1. Enter Your Value Metric

This should be a dollar amount, and should be a total number per vehicle per year.

For example, the average revenue you would expect for services or products sold for each fleet vehicle over 12 months.

Step 2. Enter Conversion Rate

Wouldn’t it be great if we all sold to 100% of prospects! We know that doesn’t happen, so the conversion rate makes the value metric more realistic.

For the conversion rate, think about what percent of fleets in your market you would realistically sell to within 12 months.

You could decide whether you want to include existing customers in this rate, or only new business.

Enter a number between 1 and 100 as a percentage.


This video also walks you through the steps:

Your Value of Fleet Market Video

If you have questions about how to set your value, contact support through email or set a meeting time with customer support.

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