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Details - Total Counts

When you first log in, the four circles with counts will show the totals of Companies, Locations and Vehicles in the ProsperFleet database. There’s also a calculation for Your Value, which is the potential opportunity of the fleets chosen.

As you choose filters for National/Local, Fleet, Geography, Industry, and Contacts, the total counts will change when you click on Update or Next.

Total Counts of Companies with Fleet Vehicles

The totals show how much data is available for your filter choices.

Totals are rounded to the nearest thousand, so small changes in data may not be reflected in the totals.

Credit use is based on the Companies or Locations, depending on which path you choose in the first filter for National or Local fleet data.

For Contacts, there’s a column in the Company Table, showing the number of contacts in ProsperFleet for each company.

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