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Use Data - Download

Data is downloaded (exported) from the Download screen.

You can choose to download all or some companies chosen by your filters.

Download All Companies

All Company Download Submit Page

If you download all companies, you will receive an email with a link to an exported Excel file.

You can also view this list online or download it again by clicking Downloaded Records in the side menu. When you re-download a list within 12 months of the original download date, no additional credits are used.

Downloaded Records Page Video Cover

Download Some Companies

Your filters might find 40,000 companies. But you might have 1,200 or a few hundred credits. No problem – you can easily download only some of the companies selected by your filters. Choose the number of companies you want to download:

Submit Page Download Records

ProsperFleet will choose records from the list. You will receive an email with a link to an exported Excel file with those records. For the remaining records, you can save them to a list to download later.

You can revisit this list and download it by clicking Saved Segments in the side menu. When you download records for the first time, credits are used.


This video shows two ways to download a smaller number of records:

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