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Use Data - Save

After you filter data, you don’t have to download all of it right away. You can save records to download later.

And you may often choose more records than Credits Available, like here:

Save Some Records to List When Not Enough Credits Are Available

To get started with saving to lists, click in either the selection button at the top of the table, or the Proceed to Download button on the Submit step of filters. (Don’t worry, it won’t immediately download!)

Save Companies with Fleet Vehicles to a List Step 1

A slider will appear with the choice to download All Records or Some Records.

If you want to save records to a list, choose Some Records.

Currently, this step requires downloading at least 1 record. If you want to save most records to a list, you can enter “1” or other low number in the Number of Records field.

Then, give your list a name. In this case we chose “Large Fleets in Michigan.”

Save Companies with Fleet Vehicles to a List Step 2

Click the Download button.

You will receive an email with a link to an Excel file.

To see your lists, go to the Lists page in the side menu.

Save Companies with Fleet Vehicles to a List Step 3

On this page, you can download all the remaining records from a list, or some of them. The number of remaining records on the list will update. You can keep coming back to download more records. You can also view the lists here.

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