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Admin Settings - Manage Credits

For managing credits, you can:

  • Give credits to users
  • Remove credits from users
  • Request more credits for your account

Give Credits to Users

Click on Settings in the side menu. Click Assign Credits. Click on Add in the top right corner.

You will see three options:

  • From Company to User – move credits from your company account to users
  • From User to Company – move credits from users back to your company account
  • From User to User – move credits from one user to another

When you are setting up ProsperFleet for the first time, you would select From Company to User.

How to Assign Credits to Users Video Cover

After you’ve been using ProsperFleet for awhile, you might have some users who have many unused credits that you want to transfer to another user who needs them. In this case, choose User to User, and the field will populate with the balance of credits available.

Under Receiver, select the drop-down box to choose the user you want to move the credits to.

When you select a user, in Balance below their name, you will see how many credits they have.

In Credits to be Assigned, type how many credits you want to give the user.

After you click Assign, they will receive an email letting them know that they now have credits to use in ProsperFleet.

Moving Credits Between Users Video Cover

Remove Credits So You Can Deactivate Users

You will want to remove all credits from a user when:

  • They leave your organization and you need to deactivate or delete them (visit Manage Users for how to deactivate and delete – and definitely do this because they will still be able to access ProsperFleet)
  • They are still at your organization but won’t be using ProsperFleet

To remove all credits, follow the steps in the video above. You will choose either:

  • From User to Company
  • From User to User

The difference this time is, be sure you move all credits from the User you need to deactivate, so their balance is zero.

When you mark a user inactive because they left your organization, or they aren’t using ProsperFleet any more, they will need to have zero credits before you can deactivate them. This prevents your company account from having credits tied up in inactive user accounts and losing those credits.

If you try to deactivate a user and they have unused credits, you will get an error message asking you to transfer their unused credits.

User Has Unused Credits

You can move their credit balance to your company account or to another user. Follow the steps above for removing or reducing credits.

After you move the credits and the user’s credit balance is 0, you can deactivate the user. Visit Manage Users for all details on how to deactivate and delete users.

Request More Credits for Your Account

Contact us to talk about adding any quantity of credits you need.

You can also request more credits in ProsperFleet. Click on Settings. Then click “Request to Purchase Data Credits.” Tell us the quantity of credits you need, a message will be sent to Customer Service, and we will reach out to you.

If your question isn’t answered here, ask us at