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Admin Settings - Manage Users

ProsperVue has two levels: Account Administrator (Admin) and User. See the Get Started Checklist for more info about the rights each of these levels have.

As an Admin, you have rights to manage users in your account:

  • Assign users
  • Deactivate users
  • Delete users

Assign Users

To assign users, you will need: First Name, Last Name and Email. These fields are required.

In the side menu, click Settings. Click Manage Users. Click Add New in the top right corner.

Enter First Name, Last Name and Email. Job Title is optional. This can be added later in My Profile.

Move the toggle to Active. You must do this, or the person you’re adding won’t get the welcome email or be able to use ProsperFleet.

After you click Submit, the new user will receive a welcome email to ProsperFleet.

How to Invite Users Video Cover 1

You must do the above steps to add a user before you can Assign Credits to the user.

Also, to help ensure you receive the essential emails from the app, whitelist and in your email spam system.

Deactivate Users

If you want to remove a user’s access to ProsperFleet, you can deactivate them. Definitely do this when a user leaves your organization, because they will still be able to log in to ProsperFleet.

To deactivate a user, click on Settings in the side menu. Click on Manage Users. You should see a list of users in your account.

Under Actions, click the Edit icon (pencil icon).

If the user is Active, you will see the Active toggle is blue. Move the toggle to the left. It will turn gray and deactivate the user.

How to Deactivate a User Video Cover

As you see in the video above, you can deactivate a user only if they have zero unused credits. This prevents your company account from having credits tied up in inactive user accounts and losing those credits.

If you try to deactivate a user and they have unused credits, you will get an error message asking you to transfer their unused credits.

User Has Unused Credits

You can move their credit balance to your company account or to another user. The above video shows how to do this. You can also visit the Manage Credits page for instructions. After you move the credits and the user’s credit balance is 0, you can deactivate the user.

When you deactivate users, all their download and credit history remains in your account. Other users in your account will still be able to see unmasked data for records that the deactivated user downloaded.

Delete Users

Most of the time, you should deactivate users with the steps above. Only in rare cases should you delete users.

When you deactivate users, all their download and credit history remains in your account. Deletion, on the other hand, wipes out all user data. So you can only delete users when they have not yet used any credits. After a user downloads records (thus using credits), you cannot delete that user. You will receive an error message. As an alternative, you can deactivate them.

Usually you would want to delete when you’re trying to set up a user, but their email address was previously used in your account. The unique identifier for users is email, and you cannot re-use the same email address for a user account.

Workaround for Email Unique Identifier

Sometimes, you might need to set up a second account when you’ve already used a user’s email address. In this case you can delete the user if they haven’t downloaded data and used credits. But what if they did use credits? You cannot delete the user, and the ProsperFleet system won’t accept the same email address for more than one user account.

A workaround is to set up an alias email and use that for ProsperFleet, and forward the alias email to the email account that’s actually used. Or set up a second email account if the user doesn’t mind using several email accounts.

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