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Administrator Settings - Get Started Checklist

How to get started with ProsperFleet:

  1. Decide who will use ProsperFleet
  2. Invite users
  3. Give credits to users

1. Decide Who Will Use ProsperFleet

There are two levels of permissions in ProsperFleet: Administrators (Admins) and Users.

Every organization using ProsperFleet must have one Admin. If you are the only user for your account, by default you are an Admin. You have rights to:

  • Invite users
  • Deactivate users
  • Delete users
  • Give credits to users
  • Move credits among users
  • Remove credits from users and return the credits to your company account
  • Purchase more credits for the account

Users cannot do the above things. Their permissions allow them to:

  • Search for records in the ProsperFleet database
  • Use credits by downloading/exporting records
  • Save records to lists
  • Share records with colleagues
  • Change editable fields in their Profile

As an Admin, you also have these User rights.

ProsperFleet users are mostly in marketing, demand gen, business development, sales, and sales operations. Decide who in your organization needs access to ProsperFleet to get info about companies with fleets, or to use the data for intelligence like analyzing your Total Addressable Market and Ideal Customer Profile.

2. Invite Users

To invite users, you will need: First Name, Last Name and Email. These fields are required.

In the side menu, click Settings. Click Manage Users. Click Add New in the top right corner.

Enter First Name, Last Name and Email. Job Title is optional. This can be added later in My Profile.

Move the toggle to Active. You must do this, or the person you’re adding won’t get the welcome email or be able to use ProsperFleet.

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After you click Submit, the new user will receive a welcome email to ProsperFleet.

Add and as “safe senders” in your email system. This will help ensure you receive the essential emails from the app such as login invite, passwords, notices of credits received, shared files – and very important – the exported files!

If you’re setting up a new Account, you must Invite Users before doing the next step to Assign Credits.

3. Give Credits to Users

Click on Settings in the side menu. Click Assign Credits. Click on Add in the top right corner.

You will see three options:

  • From Company to User – move credits from your company account to users
  • From User to Company – move credits from users back to your company account
  • From User to User – move credits from one user to another

Select From Company to User.

You will see fields populate with your account/company name, and the Balance of credits available in your account. These credits are not yet assigned to users.

Under Receiver, select the drop-down box which will show user(s) you just assigned to your account.

When you select a user, in Balance below their name, you will see how many credits they have. If you just added a new user, their Balance should be 0.

In Credits to be Assigned, type the number of credits you want to give the user.

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After you click Assign, they will receive an email letting them know that they now have credits to use in ProsperFleet.

That’s it! Your team is ready to use ProsperFleet!

Manage Users and Credits

You may eventually need to edit user permissions, such as deactivate users or delete users. See Manage Users.

You might want to give users more credits, move credits between users, and perhaps request more credits for your account. See how in Manage Credits.

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