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Details - Company Details

Click on a row in the Company Table, and see more details about the company, vehicles and contacts.

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Masked Data

Some information is masked with ***** until you use credits to download the company record.

When you download, the masked information is revealed in the Excel file and also in the app. See a list of fields you will receive in the Excel file.

After downloading records, masked data will be unmasked for all users in your account, in both the app and the Excel file.

The data will be unmasked for 12 months from the date of download.

Location Type

The Location Type field is based on corporate hierarchy. Here are the levels in our corporate hierarchy links:

  • Parent Headquarters – The highest corporate ownership entity. This entity can own vehicles, and/or vehicle totals can be summed up from entities underneath.
  • Headquarters – Major division or subsidiary. If no Parent HQ, then this is highest corporate entity. Vehicle totals are rolled up from any entities underneath it.
  • Affiliate – Independently-owned entity doing business as the HQ i.e., franchise. May be fleet decision maker, targetable. Vehicles at Affiliate locations are in a location total, and are also counted in HQ fleet.
  • Branch – Location fully owned by Parent HQ or HQ. Location may not make fleet decisions. Vehicles at Branch locations are in a location total, and are also counted in HQ fleet.
  • Standalone – An independent entity with a single location where fleet is registered/present. Has no other legal owner or locations.
ProsperFleet Corporate Hierarchy and Location Type
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