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Filters - Federal - Assets

You can filter fleets by:

  • Power Units: Tractors, Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Owned or Leased
  • Drivers: CDL, Interstate, Intrastate

Power Units: Tractors, Trucks

Currently our database includes the FMCSA data with 5+ total power units at a company.

Type in the fleet size range you want, in the Minimum and Maximum fields. If you want to select no upper limit, leave the Maximum field blank.

You can choose whether you want all Power Units, or whether you want Tractors and/or Trucks.

By default, ProsperFleet selects all of the above – all Tractors and Trucks, both Owned and Leased. You can deselect the boxes to choose the data you want.

FMCSA Power Units Tractor Truck Trailer Fleet Database Filters

Fleets that fit your filter choices will show in the Company Table. The total quantity of data is in Total Counts.


Trailers are not included in Power Unit counts. And, by default, ProsperFleet does not select trailers.

If you want trailer data, just enter the Minimum and Maximum number of trailers you’re looking for, and you can select whether they’re Owned and/or Leased.

FMCSA Trailer Data

Fleets that fit your trailer filter choices will show in the Company Table.


If number of Drivers is important to you, you can also select All Drivers, CDL Drivers, or Interstate or Intrastate.

Please note, if you are using any Power Unit or Trailer filters, the Driver filters will search within the Power Unit and Trailer filters. To search all fleets for Drivers, leave the Power Unit and Trailer filters at the default settings.

FMCSA Driver Data
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