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Filters - Geography

The default setting shows all records in the U.S. If you need other geographic areas to find “trucking companies near me” or “companies with fleets near me,” you can select this in many ways:

  • State
  • Metro Area/City
  • County
  • ZIP code
  • Radius around a ZIP code

TIP: When searching Local, all of a company’s locations will show up. If you get too much data, choosing a smaller geographic area is a good way to identify a smaller number of locations. Try choosing ZIP code, County or Radius.


If you sell in one or some states, select the states you want:

Choose State

Metro Area/City

To search in major metro areas or cities, type the city name.

This will search for fleets across an entire metro area and sometimes a multi-city area. For example typing “Chicago” will search for fleets in the whole metro area across “Chicago-Naperville-Joliet IL-IN-WI.”

Choose City

Rural locations outside major metro areas will not pull up in the metro/city search. Use ZIP, county, or radius for rural areas and smaller towns.

ZIP Code

To search smaller areas, choose the ZIP code search. There are 70,000+ ZIP codes so it’s best to know the ZIP codes you want and type them. As you type, the correct ZIP will show up. You can enter as many ZIP codes as you like.

Choose ZIP


To search counties, simply start typing the name of the county you want to find. Note that we list County + State. Because for example many states have a Lake County. Enter as many counties as you like.

Choose by County


Radius is great for a very local search. Type a ZIP code and choose the radius you want, from 5 miles up to 100 miles. The default is 20 miles. Currently radius works with one ZIP code at a time.

Choose by Radius
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