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We assign Industry Tags to all companies in our database. This way, you can review about 40 industries instead of 1,000 Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes.

Industry Tags are assigned by a combination of SIC, NAICS, company keywords, and FMCSA fields.

You can see SIC-4 Descriptions and NAICS Descriptions before downloading data. They are in the Company Details. Click a row in the table, and a slider will come in from the right side with details about the company.

On the Excel export file, you will receive codes and descriptions for SIC-2, SIC-4, SIC-6 and NAICS.

Industry Tag Descriptions

Select industries below to see detailed descriptions.

Facility Services

Fleet vehicles go to homes and businesses for services like HVAC, electrician, housekeeping/janitorial, pest control, contractors/trades, repair, landscaping, real estate services, facilities management. Includes a wide range of SICs.

Similar Industry Tags

Field Services


Mostly sedans, SUVs, pickups, vans, some work truck and vocational, trucks up to Class 6.

Local Delivery/Last Mile

Local delivery and last mile services. Includes SICs:

  • 4212 – Local Trucking Without Storage
  • 4214 – Local Trucking With Storage
  • 4215 – Courier Services Except By Air
  • 4311 – United States Postal Service

Home and facility services with significant local delivery, printing services, equipment rental with delivery, vending and entertainment device delivery.

Similar Industry Tags

Facilities Services, Field Services, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Retail, Food & Beverage

Long Haul Trucking

Includes SICs:

  • 4213 – Trucking Except Local
  • 4231 – Terminal-Motor Freight Transportation
  • 4731 – Arrangement Of Transportation-Freight

Similar Industry Tags

For Hire/Brokerage

For Hire/Brokerage

Includes SICs:

  • 4731 – Arrangement Of Transportation-Freight
  • 4783 – Packing & Crating

Similar Industry Tags

Long Haul Trucking


Includes SICs with warehousing and storage:

  • 4214 – Local Trucking With Storage
  • 4221 – Farm Product Warehousing & Storage
  • 4222 – Refrigerated Warehousing & Storage
  • 4225 – General Warehousing & Storage
  • 4226 – Special Warehousing & Storage

Includes SICs under wholesale:

  • 50 – Wholesale Trade-Durable Goods
  • 51 – Wholesale Trade-Nondurable Goods

Other Industry Tags

Local Delivery/Last Mile


Includes all manufacturing SICs in a huge range of industries:

  • 20 – Food & Kindred Products
  • 21 – Tobacco Products
  • 22 – Textile Mill Products
  • 23 – Apparel & Other Finished Products
  • 24 – Lumber & Wood Products Except Furniture (not included: Logging which is under Agriculture Industry Tag)
  • 25 – Furniture & Fixtures
  • 26 – Paper & Allied Products
  • 27 – Printing Publishing & Allied Industries
  • 28 – Chemicals & Allied Products
  • 29 – Petroleum Refining & Related Industries
  • 30 – Rubber & Miscellaneous Plastics
  • 31 – Leather & Leather Products
  • 32 – Stone Clay Glass & Concrete Products
  • 33 – Primary Metal Industries
  • 34 – Fabricated Metal Products
  • 35 – Industrial & Commercial Machinery
  • 36 – Electronic & Other Electrical Equipment
  • 37 – Transportation Equipment
  • 38 – Measuring & Analyzing Instruments
  • 39 – Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries


Includes most companies in SIC Code 7 – Retail Trade.

Not included: various vehicle dealers: automotive, truck, mobile home, motorcycle, recreational vehicle. These are under  Vehicle Dealers.

Food & Beverage

Includes all food and beverage-related SICs in agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale trade, retail trade.

Farms, groceries manufacturing and distribution, packaged foods, beer and ale, wine and distilled alcoholic beverages, food stores, eating and drinking places, liquor stores.


Includes SICs under Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing.

Also includes SICs relating to agriculture under Manufacturing, Wholesale Trade, Warehousing and Motor Freight Transportation: agricultural fertilizers and chemicals, farm machinery and equipment, farm products, farm supplies and livestock.

Not included: Landscape counseling & planning, lawn & garden services, ornamental shrub & tree services. These are under Industry Tags for Landscaping, Facility Services and Field Services.


Includes all plumbing, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration businesses that serve everything from homes to business facilities to construction sites.

Includes contractors/special trades who install HVAC, and manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers of HVAC equipment and supplies.

Similar Industry Tags

Facility Services, Field Services, Contractors


Includes all landscaping-related businesses that serve homes to business facilities: lawn and garden services, tree/arborist services, arboreta and botanical gardens.

Includes contractors, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers of equipment and supplies for landscaping, lawn and garden, nurseries and florists.

Similar Industry Tags

Facility Services, Field Services, Contractors


Includes SICs under Construction: houses and residential buildings, industrial buildings, highway and street construction. Also bridge, tunnel, water, sewer, pipeline construction.

Also includes heavy construction special trade contractors: concrete work, water well drilling, structural steel erection, excavation, wrecking, demolition.

Includes limestone, granite, industrial sand, gravel, clay for construction.

For home and building construction, includes manufacturing, wholesaling and distribution of mobile homes, prefabricated buildings and components, bricks, concrete blocks, clay tiles, stone products, architectural and structural metalwork, lumber and other building materials.

Equipment includes construction machinery, mining machinery, overhead traveling cranes and hoists, heavy construction equipment rental.

Similar Industry Tags

Field Services, Contractors


Our data has the on-the-road equipment, but not off-road equipment that don’t require license plates.


This differs from Construction which focuses more on heavy construction equipment. Contractors and special trades tend to do work on interior and exterior of buildings and facilities built by businesses in the Construction industry tag.

Contractors includes a wide variety of trades and professions: general contractors, HVAC, painting and paper hanging, electrical work, masonry and stone setting, plastering and drywall, tile and marble work, carpentry, floor laying, roofing, siding, sheet metal work, glass and glazing, excavation, demolition, other special trades.

Also includes industrial machinery like power and hand tools for contractors. Retail building materials for hardware, lumber, paint.

Similar Industry Tags

Facility Services, Field Services, Construction


Includes architectural, engineering and surveying services that serve the construction and contractor/special trades industries.

Similar Industry Tags

Field Services, Construction, Contractors

Health Care/Pharma

Includes a range of industries from home health care, non-emergency passenger transportation at medical centers and clinics, distribution from pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing and warehousing, and pharmaceutical field sales fleets.

Includes manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies, wholesale trade of drugs and sundries, retail trade of drug stores, medical equipment rental and leasing.

Also includes health services and offices/clinics of medical professionals, nursing homes, care facilities and hospitals.

Similar Industry Tags

Field Services, Passenger Transportation


Includes all SICs under Finance, Insurance and Real Estate: banks, savings institutions, credit unions, nondeposit credit institutions, mortgage bankers, loan brokers, security and commodity brokers and dealers, investment advice, life insurance, accident and health insurance, surety insurance, title insurance, pension funds, insurance agents, accounting/auditing/bookkeeping services. Offices of holding companies and trusts.

We do not include the title loan companies that give loans in exchange for holding vehicle titles/registration.

Similar Industry Tags

Field Services

Field Services

Fleet vehicles travel to worksites for services like: heavy construction, excavation, drilling, demolition, oil & gas, engineering, real estate services, local delivery, security, repair services, mobile health care, residential care, laboratories, research. Includes a wide range of SICs.

Similar Industry Tags

Facilities Services, Local Delivery/Last Mile


Represents many vehicle types: sedans, SUVs, pickups, vans, passenger vans and small buses, work truck and vocational, trucks up to Class 8.

Oil & Gas

Includes all SICs under Oil & Gas Extraction: crude petroleum, natural gas, drilling oil and gas wells, field exploration services.

Also includes all SICs under Manufacturing of Petroleum Refining & Related Industries: petroleum refining, asphalt paving mixtures and blocks, asphalt felts and coatings, lubricating oils and greases, products of petroleum and coal.

All SICs under Pipelines Except Natural Gas: crude and refined petroleum pipelines.

Transportation includes gas production and distribution, gas and other services.

Wholesale Trade includes petroleum bulk stations and terminals, petroleum products wholesalers.

Retail Trade includes gasoline service stations, fuel oil dealers, liquified petroleum gas dealers, other fuel dealers.

Manufacturing of mining machinery & equipment.

Similar Industry Tags

Field Services, Long Haul Trucking, Local Delivery/Last Mile


Includes private sector and public/government providers of utilities services.

Under Transportation, includes distribution of electric services, natural gas transmission and distribution, gas production and distribution, water supply and combination utilities.

Under Public Administration, includes Regulation & Administration-Utilities.

Similar Industry Tags

Field Services, Government Local/State, Public Works


Includes all SICs in 48 – Communications: telephone, radio, television, broadcasting, cable, pay TV, other communications services.

Similar Industry Tags

Field Services

Waste & Refuse

Includes private sector and public/government providers of waste, refuse and disposal services.

SICs include refuse systems and sanitary services, and air water and solid waste management.

Similar Industry Tags

Field Services, Government Local/State

Public Works

Includes a range of industries related to infrastructure, systems and facilities that affect the public’s welfare. Public works can vary significantly from one community to another, as explained by the American Public Works Association. Often public works are departments and agencies at local governments, and some public works services are now run by the private sector.

Due to how SICs are structured, it’s not easy to identify municipal public works departments via industry tags, because they mix private and public sector. The easiest way to identify government public works is through the Contacts filter – simply choose the Public Works job title function.

Similar Industry Tags

Government Local/State, Utilities, Telecomm, Waste & Refuse


Includes police protection, public order and safety, detective guard and armored car services.

Includes public government police, sheriff, state troopers as well as private sector security companies.

Similar Industry Tags

Government State/Local, Government Federal

Emergency Services

If you call 911, these are the agencies and companies that would respond: fire, police, and public and private ambulance services.

Similar Industry Tags

Police/Security, Government Local/State


Includes companies with tow trucks and wreckers including vehicle repossession, automotive and truck repair shops, vehicle dealers.

Important Note: Some towing companies have large numbers of vehicles registered to them. These vehicles are not all tow trucks. Some companies operate salvage yards. Vehicle registrations can include the salvaged vehicles sold for parts because they are in the possession of the towing company. If you need more specific information about towing companies, contact us to talk about data that includes body type.

Similar Industry Tags

Vehicle Dealers, Vehicle Maintenance

Passenger Transportation

Includes a range of passenger transportation: city transit and buses, intercity and rural buses, charter buses, airport and hotel shuttles, community passenger vans, senior living vans, taxis and limousines, tour operators, recreational camps.

Not included: School bus fleets at school districts and private schools. These are under K-12 Education.

Not included: Passenger car rental. These are under Vehicle Rental.

Similar Industry Tags

Government Local/State

Vehicle Rental

Includes passenger car, truck and utility trailer rental, heavy equipment rental.

Vehicle Dealers

Includes wholesale and retail dealers of automobiles, trucks and recreational vehicles.

Vehicle Maintenance

Includes wholesale and retail motor vehicle supplies, tires and lubes, new and used parts.  Transportation equipment and supplies.

Includes repair shops for automobiles and trucks: body repair, exhaust system repair, tire retreading, glass replacement, transmission repair, general automotive repair and services.

K-12 Education

Vehicles in this industry are primarily school buses at public school districts and private schools.

Because this industry tag represents a very large number of organizations and vehicles, these school fleets are not included under Passenger Transportation.

Higher Ed

Includes colleges and universities, junior colleges and technical institutes, business and vocational schools.

Government Local/State

Includes local government agencies and municipalities: villages, towns, cities, counties.

Includes state governments and agencies.

Government fire protection, public order and safety, air water and solid waste management, social and human resource programs, land mineral and wildlife conservation, housing programs, urban planning, regulation and administration of programs.

Similar Industry Tags

Public Works, Passenger Transportation, Police/Security, Emergency Services

Government Federal

All federal agencies and all their locations nationwide are included in this industry tag.


Includes non-profit organizations and membership associations: social services, museums, art galleries, arboreta and botanical gardens, business associations, professional membership organizations, labor unions, civic social and fraternal associations, political organizations.


Includes religious organizations: churches, temples, schools, camps, media.


Water transportation: includes deep sea foreign and domestic transport of freight, freight transport on the Great Lakes, marine cargo handling, towing and tugboat services, marinas, deep sea transportation of passengers, ferries, other water transportation, boat dealers.

Air and aviation: includes air transportation, air courier services, airports and flying fields services, aircraft engines and parts, ship and boat building and repairing, railroad equipment, guided missile and space vehicle parts,

Railroad: includes railroads line-haul operating, railroad switching and terminal services, rental of railroad cars, railroad property.

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