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Filters - Download

The Download screen is where you use credits to download data.

For each Company or HQ record you download (export) from ProsperFleet, one credit is used.

For each Location or Branch record with a fleet you download, a half credit is used.

ProsperFleet credits are based on number of companies and locations you choose, not number of vehicles or contacts.

You can download all or some companies selected by your filters.

Download All Companies

All Company Download Submit Page

When you download data, you will receive an email with a link to an exported Excel file.

Download Some Companies

You can also download some companies and save the rest to a list (or save all selected companies to a list). This is how to select a number of records that’s less than your Credits Available total. Or you can ask the Admin of your ProsperFleet account to give you more credits.

Choose the number of company records you want to download. ProsperFleet will randomly choose records from the list.

Submit Page Download Records

You will receive an email with a link to an exported Excel file. For the remaining records that didn’t download, you can save them to a list to download later.

When you download records for the first time, credits are used. ProsperFleet will not charge twice if you re-download a record within 12 months of the first download of that record. Any user in your account can re-download a record within 12 months without using credits again.

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